“A nice overview of what climate change is about, and especially its impact on the South.” (Jill Peeters, European Climate Woman of the Year 2009)

“No melting glaciers nor sadly looking icebears in ‘Climate chaos in the South’. Director Geert De Belder made a climate film on people! What a deviation on the trend.” (Thomas Blommaert, Solidair)

 “The documentary ‘Climate chaos in the South’ does what it promises: it lets the victims tell the story.” (Dirk Barrez, documentary maker, PALA)

“The pictures of the film are of great value, the landscapes as well as the intriguing portraits of the people. (Cameraman) Thomas Thys has done a great job.” (Jan-Pieter Everaerts, documentary expert)

“The crisscross editing (all countries mixed) works really well. One gets the impression of one big conversation.” (Michael De Cock, theater director, journalist)

“The testimonies force you to take it seriously. The situation is clearly shocking, even without showing pictures of catastrophes. However the film is fairly sad, it is respectful and not pathetic.” (Tineke D’Haese, photographer, Oxfam)

“(A film) for all who still doubt, and for those who want to see the damages of climate change. With clarifications by experts, and testimonies and pictures leaving a lasting impression. Highly recommended.” (Dirk Hendrikx, Gazet Van Antwerpen)